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Moorfields was founded in 1804 and is one of the oldest and  largest centres for ophthalmic treatment, teaching and research in the world. More patients in the UK come to Moorfields than to any other eye hospital or clinic because of our world-famous reputation. This is based on the expertise of our clinical staff and the cutting-edge research taking place on site in this centre of excellence based in the heart of London.

Patients need time to discuss their eye problems with eye specialists, and fully understand the vision implications for their family-life, job, studies, and hobbies especially driving. Before embarking on a major eye operation or even starting eye treatment, it can be worthwhile to have a second opinion to discuss the risks and benefits in more detail with a Moorfields retinaspecialist and retina surgeon.

Mr Mahi Muqit is an eye doctor and eye surgeon with an extensive knowledge of ophthalmological problems and expertise in medical and surgical retina disorders. A high quality approach to patients is offered and a potential solution is offered based on current ophthalmic evidence and research. A consultation with Mahi Muqit in his London eye clinic for a second opinion provides you with the time to appreciate your eye problem and understand the value of treatment, give you an explanation of a complex operation, “or perhaps no treatment is required at the end of the day.”

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